Last week we received significant funding from the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) for our work on leukemia, lymphoma and neuroblastoma.

2 project grants:
- Jürgen Kuball, Zsolt Sebestyen and Dennis Beringer received 650 keuro for the use of gdTCR anti CD3 bispecific molecules (GABs) for AML

- Jeanette Leusen received 550 keuro for the use of IgA as new isotype for the treatment of lymphoma and neuroblastoma, in combination with innate checkpoint inhibition

2 high-risk from Alpe d'HuZes:
- Stefan Nierkens together with Femke van Wijk and Jaap Jan Boelens received 187 keuro for the development of a new method for T cell therapy of recidial, pediatric leukemia

- Niels Bovenschen together with Wim Hennink received 150 keuro for nano medication mimicking effector immune response.

Together this is over 1.5 million euro's funding to support our research against cancer.