In the Video Journal of Hematological Oncology, Jürgen Kuball, MD, PhD from the University Medical Center, Utrecht (the Netherlands), presents this week some key messages on transplantation which he believes are important in this field at present. Dr Kuball starts by discussing the huge variability in transplant products which are infused in to patients today which he believes to be hugely neglected though it is recognised that this has an impact on patient impact. Dr Kuball goes on to discuss how drugs can be used to ensure patients do not develop graft versus host (GVD) after transplantation based on the patient’s immune constitution. Highlighting the importance of identifying smaller, smarter trials to test such drugs, Dr Kuball believes this is necessary in order to rapidly progress in this field. The item was recorded at the International Transplant Course which was held at the 2016 congress of the European Society for Blood and Narrow Transplantation in Barcelona, Spain.