We are more than happy to introduce to you Jurgen Langenhorst and Celina Szanto. Jurgen and Celine are 2 new PhD-students, who recently joint our group. We really look forward to work with them in upcoming years. Jurgen will work on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Fludarabine, and Celina will unravel the functional dynamics of the immune system in neuroblastoma patients. Please read the short bio’s + recent photo's below.


My name is Celina Szanto and I’m a PhD student in de lab of Jaap Jan Boelens and Stefan Nierkens. After obtaining my high school degree at Gymnasium Beekvliet in Sint-Michielsgestel, I went to Leuven (Belgium) to study Biomedical Sciences. After a broad bachelor I continued my master in Biomedical Sciences with a strong focus on genetics.

During my master thesis in de Laboratory of Reproductive Genomics at the KU Leuven I performed single-cell sequencing to study genomic instability in breast cancer and human embryos. Here I discovered my passion for research and decided to start my PhD in the Netherlands. My interest for tumor immunology started during a short internship in the Laboratory of Pediatric Immunology at the KU Leuven.

With a broad scientific background I hope to increase the survival changes of Neuroblastoma patients by unraveling the functional dynamics of the immune system. In addition, we will investigate the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties of anti-GD2 (dinutuximab) in Neuroblastoma patients in relation to efficacy versus toxicity.

I’m always open for new ideas! If you are interested, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celinaszanto


In 2005 I started my studies at the Utrecht University school of pharmacy. From the beginning on I combined studying with a rowing career starting at the national level, but growing towards internationalcompetition later on. Besides high performance sports a common theme during my studies was oncology. It started with fundamental research regarding development of temperature sensitive liposomes loaded with doxorubicin followed by another internshipwhere I implemented a new radiopharmaceutical for imaging of Neuro-Endocrine tumors in a hospital setting. After finishing my studies I started working as a pharmacist in the UMC Utrecht at the preparation department, where among others cytostatic drugs are prepared.

I hope to combine my knowledge of cancer and chemotherapy with my mindset derived from sports,  towards aiding in improving dosage of fludarabine in stem cell transplantations.





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